CUBE Portable Reader

Cube Reader

CUBE has a compact portable reader design for use in field operations. It can also be used on a desktop. Ni-Cad batteries hold sufficient charge to allow ½ hour continuous use away from any power source. The batteries are automatically recharged once the reader is plugged into the mains power. This unit is suppled with screen protection cover that includes microfiche storage pocket.

 Screen Size: 8½ x 8½ inches
 Magnification: 14.4X & 24X  (Optional 48X lens is available on request)
 Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 12½" (HxWxD)
 Weight: 12lbs. (5.4 Kg.)
 Lamp: FHX 13.8V  25W
 Carrier: 4" x 6"
 Electrical: 120/240V, 12VDC and Ni-Cad Battery, with built in recharger.

CUBE has now been discontinued. - See alternative briefcase reader.

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