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The New York of more than two centuries ago is depicted on this map by Maerschalck. Our reproduction is from a reduced version of the original that was published in London in 1763

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91/2" x 153/4"

1766 One of the finest and rarest of the plans of New York City in the beautifully detailed and decorative survey by John Montressor. Fully coloured, the same size as the original, printed on heavy paper

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203/4" x 255/8"

1767 The rectangular street pattern that was ultimately to dominate Manhattan Island had its beginnings in the city's 18th-century expansion shown on this large and handsome map drawn by Bernard Ratzer.

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201/2" x 311/2"

1766/7 Published in two sheets by Jeffrey's and Faden in 1776, this extremely rare plan shows the city as surveyed by Bernard Ratzer a decade earlier. Parts of New Jersey and Brooklyn and all of Manhattan north to what was 59th Street appear. A fine view of New York from Governors Island extends along the bottom. A legend identifies important forts, churches, public buildings, markets and other points of interest.

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401/8" x 293/4"

1854 Charles Mangus, the publisher of this large plan of New York and its neighbouring cities, embellished it with a decorative border, views of steamboats and the city hall, an insert map of the region and the text of the Declaration of Independence enclosed in a wreath composed of the seals of the original states.

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20" x 327/8"

1876 Currier and Ives printed this magnificent view at an important time in the history of New York. Manhattan and Long Island were about to be linked by the Brooklyn Bridge, then still under construction but shown here as if complete.

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19" x 271/2"

1867 This large bird's-eye view shows the New York city from the south with Central Park on the distant horizon in the middle of the gridiron street pattern establish for Manhattan in 1811.

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171/2" x 231/4"

1650 This brilliant coloured map by Nicolas Sanson is a fascinating combination of scientific cartography and geographic misinformation. While it was the first printed map to show all five of the Great Lakes, it perpetuated the tradition of depicting California as a huge island. The legendary lands of Ciboa and Quivira are vaguely located in the Southwest and the Rio Grande is shown with its mouth on the west coast.

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131/8" x 185/8"

1719 Chatelaine's map of the French domain in North America is a single sheet version of the multi-plate engraving by Nicolas de Fer published a year earlier. It includes a fine insert plan and at the top, an enlargement of the area from the Mississippi River to Pensacola Bay. Indian villages, animals, ships and sea monsters add decorative appeal to this splendidly coloured and high detail maps.

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151/4" x 181/8"

1650 One of the most appealing map in Jan Jansson's Novus Atlas was this meticulously engraved and delicately coloured representation of the North Atlantic and the coastlines of the continents forming its boundary. This chart is also a fine example of decorative cartography.

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145/8" x 19"

1820 Provides a wealth of detail about the new nation and its neighbours. The eastern part of the US and adjoining portions of Canada are mapped in great detail and show main highways as well as scores of towns and cities. Mexico, still controlled by Spain, extends far north into unexplored territory. For the Missouri Territory and the latest information supplied by Lewis and Clark are added. Coloured boundaries in two tones add to the appeal of this important map.

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14" x 213/8"


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